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The pulp worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Moon series comprised three works, and runs over a long period of time. The centaur race Kalkars conquer the Moon, and using the technology of the Earthmen, soon the Earth in the 22nd century. In the concluding story, set in the far future 25th century, a descendant and reincarnation reincarnation plays a big part of the overall story of one of the explorers is finally able to overthrow the evil Kalkars. Burroughs wrote many other stories. Adventure, science-fiction, western, historical and more.

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Some of the interesting one I read are:. The Americans, now a united and advanced civilization two centuries later, knows nothing of the old world until an aerosubmarine crashes in England.

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Set in another solar system where several planets in the same orbit share the same atmospheric belt, allowing for travel between them. Which is good, because image the social stigma had he married a primative cave girl? Moreau , a scientist is experimenting with artificial life, and with his thirteenth experiment, thinks he has created a perfect man, whom he hopes to marry off to his daughter. But thinks go badly. The lost heir of a small European kingdom, whose throne has been taken by others, is shipwrecked with a lion, whom he befriends and becomes his constant companion and guardian.

For those wanting to learn more about Burroughs and his creations , there are several good resources out there. Other images, quotations and trademarks protected by their respective owners. Commentary from the den of a pulp super-fan Navigation ThePulp. The Pulp Super-Fan. You also might want to read Contact Michael R. Brown using the contact page , or post a comment. A Basic Burroughs Library. The Surprise in the Safe. Forty More Years of Adventure. Barsoom Concluded. The Backs of Old Letterheads. And Returns and Returns. List of Edgar Rice Burroughs Fanzines.

Lupoff is a critic and an author of speculative fiction. Michael Moorcock is the author of the Elric saga and other works.

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Phillip R. Burger is a freelance writer, a consultant to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

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Who Was Edgar Rice Burroughs. Over 20 books were written about Tarzan, along with several others authorized and not. There he finds a dying world with several different races. The main race is the Red Martians red-skinned humans who lay eggs , who are organized into various city-states. They are menaced by the roving, violent Green Martians, who have four arms. John rescues a Red Martian princess named Dejah Thoris , and soon marries and has a son and later a daughter. They discover other races, long thought dead, such as the Yellow, Black and White Martian races.

Covering the Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs

A total of 11 books were written. The idea of the Earth being a hollow sphere is one that several people have claimed. In the Pellucidar series, we find out what is going on.

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  6. Pellucidar is the name given by its inhabitants of the interior of the Earth. In the first book, written in , a pair of adventurers using a boring machine tunnel through the Earth and emerge in Pellucidar. They find a primitive land, where stone age humans are menaced by intelligent dinosaurs called Mahar, who see humans as slaves and food.

    Over the course of the series, the Earthmen created the beginning of a new civilization, and have adventures in various parts of Pellucidar. Even Tarzan joins them, traveling by zeppelin through a polar opening to the hollow earth. Carson Napier plans a rocket trip to Mars, but miscalculates and crashes on Venus, which he finds is covered by jungles and oceans.

    Like John Carter, he is on a quest to rescue a princess, and has adventures on this strange world. Caspak, the land that time forget, is actually one long novel, though most know it as a trilogy. The lost world of Caspak, located in the South Atlantic is a strange environment in which evolution runs wild, were creatures evolve in their lifetime from primitive creatures to cavemen to Wieroo. The Moon series comprised three works, and runs over a long period of time.