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Now, a researcher of Scandinavian languages and literature at the University of Bonn, Germany, is taking another look.

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The axe in particular appears to come from the southern Baltic region, possibly modern-day Poland. The prevalence of female warriors in the Viking world has become a hot topic of debate in recent years. Some questioned whether the buried person—whose grave contained high quality weapons, an imported uniform, two horses and even a gaming set—was a warrior after all.

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The inspiration for this project came from the legends of the old Icelandic texts that describe the mighty Valkyrie women and include fantastical elements like trolls, dragons, and even flying carpets. But the idea of strong female fighters battling with the ancient armies is more than just folklore.

Warrior woman

Researchers have found increasing evidence of women warriors through the discovery of burials similar to the one found on Langeland. At these burial sites, researchers have found not only weapons such as axes, arrowheads, and spears, but also miniature versions of the real weapons, though scientists have yet to determine the meaning of these miniatures.

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However, some of these graves are in poor condition which makes it difficult for researchers to draw definitive conclusions about the bodies inside. In fact, some grave sites contain no bone remains at all, and instead only include a few curious burial items. However, he was unable to determine her cause of death due to the absence of apparent injuries to the body.

However, archaelogist Ella Al-Shamahi told The Guardian that this is "the first evidence ever found of a Viking woman with a battle injury". Scientists built such a realistic face by anatomically working upwards from the muscles to the layering of skin on top of a cast of the skull.

They used similar tech to recreate the woman's grave, including the placement of all the weapons she was buried with.

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Archaeologist Al-Shamahi will be presenting a National Geographic documentary about the reconstruction and female Viking warriors that will be released next month. A lost Bronze Age stone circle used for ancient rituals has been uncovered in Gloucestershire by laser scanning.