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Its members believe in the values of the Jedi Order, now thought to be dead, and are inclusive toward aliens and women operating in their ranks or so we gather over time. The politics were simple, elegant, and obvious, a potent metaphor for any era. Anyone could go to any toy store and buy an action figure, clear on what it meant to be a Stormtrooper and what it meant to be a Rebel.

As the series developed these political lines were expanded further. Would we see a New Republic and what would it be like? The opportunities were endless, with the possibility of giving audiences a brand-new vision for the series, but would also require a deft touch. As a huge fan of the series, looking back on the new films after the opening weekend of The Last Jedi , I have to admit an incredible frustration and disappointment in the result. What they should do is make sense, be consistent with what came before and presented in a way that audiences can follow.

The opening crawl of The Force Awakens gave us our first cinematic look into what the galaxy had become in the years after Return of the Jedi. Are all these planets right next to each other? The film does nothing to specify the difference between the Resistance and the Republic, so we must assume they are virtually one and the same and that the Resistance must be some sort of active army set against the First Order. The First Order is something else entirely.

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With the New Republic controlling the galaxy and the First Order rising to fight them, it seems the tables have been turned. Are the First Order the new version of the Rebellion, a small band of fighters out to destroy a galactic order they disagree with? We never really find out, except that they seem to be the Empire redux, a sort of cartoonish and exaggerated, hard-right version of their former selves but without a clear sense of purpose, just the fascist iconography and penchant for wholesale slaughter.

However, before we know it, the Starkiller Base destroys the entire Hosnian system and what seems to be the core of the Republic, right before they are ultimately destroyed themselves at the hands of the Resistance. Snoke, his apprentice Kylo Ren Adam Driver , and General Hux Domhnall Gleeson flee the exploding planet and the First Order seems to be retreating, if not heavily damaged, from their encounter with the Resistance.

The H. The fellowships are competitive, and they are awarded by the dean of the faculty and the Committee of Six once their recommendations are approved by the president and the trustees. She is at her desk in one, phone in hand. In another she sits in the studio with her upper body canted energetically forward.


In a third, candid, she is pumping the handle bars of a small self-propelled train car possibly on the Burlington line , the prairie behind her; she is back in Nebraska for some reason. The artists are of interest in these stories since with only a couple of exceptions they are female. It is a psycho-sexual explanation of the stories that seems interesting but reductive. It is more useful to watch the beginnings of a pattern of narrative authority—a male narrator who observes a woman who is herself either art object or artist; Cather gets to be instigator of the story twice: she is its creator and its subject, both the lover and the beloved.

Javier Corrales, Dwight W. Professor Corrales will use his fellowship to support field trips to the region to continue research on the causes of expansion of LGBT rights and to begin work on a new focus: the effects of LGBT expansion. For the past six years, he has been working on the causes of legalization of LGBT rights. The next step is to study what comes after legalization, specifically the question, under what conditions will countries observe a conservative backlash. One is politicized backlash; the other is institutional inertia.

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Funding will cover field work in Colombia to study mostly politicized backlash and Argentina to study mostly institutional inertia. Despite historical opposition in France to investing a queen, especially one of foreign birth, with political authority, this book contends that spaces and places the queen inhabited show that the king and his advisers and then the queen herself strategically developed a legitimate place for a queen in the monarchic structure.

It also demonstrates how imagery, often more effectively than texts, contributes a powerful message to political discourse that can lend clout to figures who were not ordinarily in positions of authority.


Francis Couvares, E. Although never destined to be a best seller, it has a loyal following and continues to earn the respect of colleagues and of new generations of advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Most of these historians have written their contributions in recent years. They also offer insight into the art and science of historical research and the nature of historical interpretation.

Completely rewriting most of the essays, and substantially editing the rest, they also added new chapters. Again, in the eighth edition , they rewrote and added chapters. Thus, in each edition readers learn about the most current debates that professional historians encounter, while at the same time gaining a sense of the long arc of interpretation. Keeping current with the literature is a crucial part of the IAH strategy—as it is of the historiographical training of advanced students of history. In the ninth edition, they are adding a new chapter on environmental history, which will familiarize readers of IAH with the most important work in a booming field of scholarship.

In other chapters, new readings will take the place of older selections. At this point, only a couple of readings that had appeared in the sixth edition remain in the eighth, and even fewer will remain in the ninth. In many other fields, even ones usually approached from a national perspective, such as the New Deal, transatlantic and comparative treatments increasingly shape scholarship.

Professors Couvares and Saxton will continue to incorporate these trends. Professor Amy Demorest will devote her sabbatical to two studies on the use of emotional memories to relieve negative emotions. In both studies, participants will be induced to feel a negative emotion by recalling an autobiographical emotional experience sad or anxious ; thereafter they will be induced to feel a different emotion by recalling a different experience e. Professor Demorest will examine the extent to which the original negative emotion is relived, based on the type of emotion in the second memory and the type of event in the second memory.

That is, the results will inform us about the efficacy of different means for addressing clinical problems such as depression and generalized anxiety disorder. At the same time, the results will inform us about the basic nature of emotions in identifying which types of emotions and events are antidotes to sadness versus anxiety.

Broadly, the book is a theoretical treatment of these figures, drawing out the philosophical dimensions of their writings and critical practice. Two frames structure the project. This frame raises a series of questions. How can Black Power and Black Panther figures be read as responding to the necropolitical? Is revolutionary struggle, in these figures, simply a repetition of necropolitics or a break from it?

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How do controversies over cultural production and its place in liberation struggle reflect a necropolitical structure of critical engagement? That story and this have that classic whimsical feel of Ursula Le Quinn's Earthsea books. To the folks who complain that this is a YA fantasy I think they might just not like her fantasy.

Sure it is not The Left Hand of Darkness, The Dispossessed, or any of her other classic Science Fiction books, it is a story with likable characters who are developed within a fun and interesting plot. As far as "adult" content? Well there is reference to sex, and death, etc, if that qualifies as adult. I guess. This is not Joe Abercrombie with a lot of dismembering and torture I would recommend any of the books noted above, especially Left Hand a truly fascinating examination of gender with an awesome story to boot!!

As far as this book and series I would also recommend it. I was delighted to find it.

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It is not Earthsea but it is damn close. The previous book was far too short, this one makes up for the lack by dragging on without really going anywhere failing to go anywhere might be the actual theme of the story. This book is mostly world building, which normally I like, except nothing much happens in this world until the last third or so of the narrative, when all the conflict gets fortuitously solved by a string of unrealistic events with which our main character has precious little to do.

The character is an oracle so her failure to ever do anything is explained as part of her nature, which doesn't make it any less boring. The main flaw of this book is the main character, whose name I can't remember even though I finished listening to the program yesterday. She has a great deal of ambition and motivation but never acts on any of it. Her role in the book is to simply be present in the city where a revolution if you can call it that takes place. Not present at the actual pivotal events of the conflict, oh no, but available to hear about them second and third hand.

Except at the "climax" of the book when her voice is used by an oracle, maybe, it's a little unclear. The reader is bad. Not the worst I've heard by any stretch, but she actively takes away from the story, making it even harder to like the all ready lack luster protagonist.

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