Urstudien, Part 2

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He also prepared eds. Schnabel , 20 etudes of Paganini, and the etudes of Kreutzer. I, Berlin, ; 2nd ed.

II, Berlin, ; Eng. Keller and C. R Flesch, eds. Brederode, C. Haarlem, ; C. Flesch, Und spielste Die auch Geige? Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. November 27, Retrieved November 27, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

This way, these limits naturally always change. Today I did a "search" for my stretching limits, which caused a major change in the exercises. This may be related to a pain in my left shoulder. Maybe it's the weather's abrupt change, maybe it's the last few days lack of stretching during the day I had an issue with the app that reminded me to do it , maybe both. I'm focusing a lot in stretching and relaxing during the entire day. I get tired very fast.

Need to work on my muscles. I just love it.

Flesch Urstudien

This wire is thinner and heavier. The center of mass is an inch nearer the frog when compared to the wooden one. There is a damping of the vibrations. This is excellent when the resonance is strong. The wooden bow loses contact with the strings on these situations, but the carbon fiber bow stays very stable. This helps a lot in tone production. Also in intonation, as I may have been unconsciously avoiding too much resonance for tone production at the cost of intonation.


The primary reason for the change was the hair: it's fairly more regular in the carbon fiber bow. Indeed, I felt more homogeneity during the stroke with the carbon fiber bow. Also, the bow curiously feels lighter. It also has a better mass distribution. Urstudien daysofpractice violin practice adultbeginner violinist. After changing the exercises to reflect the new limits, I could feel the improvement. I'm having now to recalibrate my perception, handling, and rosin application.

I'm reviewing rosin amount and application frequency, starting from the excess place.

Sheet Music for Solo Violin

I also reviewed bow handling with openstrings exercises. Also, to resolve bow stroke intermediate failures this way, repeating the stroke on the failing region not necessarily very strongly.

This kinda "cleaned" the bow hair and rendered a more homogeneous stroke at the end. The way I see it, it kinda " re started" my bow hair. Also did this with increasing amounts of looseness in the hair. I did this so the rosin could penetrate more between the hair, and also to do that work on this inner region. Folding left fingers more got me tired way faster when doing Urstudien, what I interpret intuitively as a good sign. What is the reasoning? Today's stretching was specially painful. To the point I started making excuses in my mind like "I already have all the stretching I need to play the violin".

To keep going I focused on my goal. I also worked on my emotions, in a very simple way: I kept smiling.

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This changes the body's biochemistry, influencing the emotions. This worked well and I could finish the exercises. This is wonderful, as I believe you have to be comfortable to play well. I'll pay more attention and make it slowly tomorrow. As my right arm seems to have gotten more freedom lately stretching , it's easier to play.

Side note: today it was easier to get a better intonation maybe because I was more mindful and my body more prepared. Experimenting with very heavy crispiness. A major motivation was to think about writing here, sharing with you guys. For this, I'm really grateful for the daysofpractice initiative, that unite us all as a community!

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We all should thank violincase for creating this very special hashtag! I'll pay attention here, but I don't think I should worry. Day 1 and first time doing urstudien!! I think I'll incorporate a few minutes of urstudien into my practice routine so I can get better form.

Stretching went OK, but Urstudien went great! I didn't need to stop to rest between the exercises and no, I wasn't just pushing it more than I should just because Ego, which is Edit: after 4 hours I felt some pain in my left hand, so This is the kind of decision that is better made before practice and not changed during it. I even wonder if this didn't help my intonation a bit.

The better I play the more I wanna play better. This is great! Thank you violincase for showing the world what real practice looks like! Let yourself never be fooled by the results by the pros on the stage. There are hours of disciplined practice behind it, that didn't sound nearly as good as the performance!

Strings by Brand

Need to give it a time, listen again later, though. I did it in the afternoon, after a day of walking my dog. Maybe this helped by warming me up or by giving more recovery time for my body. It was possible to pay attention and do it slower, and yesterday's pain didn't reappear. Day 3 Amount practice 3. I spent most of my time doing left and right hand exercises, and started working through my Houston Youth Symphony part. I plan on a longer practice session tomorrow: daysofpractice violin violinist urstudien thumb callus hardwork day3 journeytojuilliard curtisinstituteofmusic warmup exercise lefthandedproblems.

Today is day 50 of my daysofpractice! It also made me feel more "responsible" for the bow and its movements, and "in control" of the final sound. This is great. The violin got way more stable, and I could do the strong strokes I like so much.

Violin Studies & Etudes

Mixing it up a little bit for contrast! I'm also working on my posture, and the pain there is special, and triggered when working on both arms simultaneously. I then did half the repetitions for those and the normal number for the Urstudien could be done more softly, pressing the strings less. I'm pretty sure this came up as a result of being able to relax now that I'm better stretched.

Nice to practice intonation, lots of motivation and reference! Sieht langweilig aus, strengt aber an! This means the muscles hurt more than the nerves today. Paid attention to precision and how natural the movements were. Until today I was only focusing on the stretching upwards part of the finger motions. Gotta pay attention here, I'm not yet proficient in rosing the bow. This gives a very useful distance, which helps in mindfulness, then focus.

You get to a curious place, where you try to see what this body is capable of, how to optimize it, how to do what you want to do. If you try it, it may feel strange at first.

Urstudien, Part 2

For me it's still strange, because I'm not really an expert at this. This 1 disturbs less the pressure application therefore, the tone production , 2 adjusting wrist angle instead on fingers mainly allows for an easier way to do the necessary pressure adjustments during the stroke. These two combined then allow for a more homogeneous tone production, as it is easier to associate a wrist angle to each point during the stroke: you can just determine that the hand will be always parallel to the floor, setting a reference that is easy to follow.