Unnatural Alliances (The Hunters and Vampires Chronicles Book 1)

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Obfuscate will make a great sneaky character while Dementation is a pretty good "magic" discipline, although it's not very effective against vampires it can kill humans with a single hit. Malks are probably not the best choice for a first character, but you should definitely try them once.

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Nosferatu mustn't be seen by humans because they will violate the Masquerade, so they should use sewers to get to their destinations. They are the best sneaking characters since the combination of Obfuscate and Protean can give them very high sneak attack damage.

I wouldn't go for Animalism, but it's not really a bad choice either.

This makes them loose or gain double Humanity whenever they make a choice that affects Humanity. From their disciplines Celerity seems to be the best first choice. If you want to specialise with Firearms Auspex can be a good second choice, else go with Presence. Generally Toreador are a pretty good starting choice. The best advantage of the Tremere is Thaumaturgy which is one of the most powerful disciplines. After that, Dominate looks like a pretty good choice. Tremeres are like a mage class, but they can be pretty good at anything. Not a bad choice if you like their style.

All three disciplines they have are good, but I would go for Fortitude and Presence. Except for the feeding thing, Ventrue are a pretty strong clan and a rather good choice. They make a nice addition though and you can enable them if you want to.

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If you have the unofficial patch installed, histories are already enabled but if you don't, then you'll have to do it yourself: 1. Enable the console check out chapter 2b how to do it. Open the config. I wont dwell into what each specific history does. Check it out if you like but be aware that several histories have been changed by the unofficial patch.

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I can give you some recommendations though: 1. You get 1 XP each time you gain 3 or more XP. On the other hand it takes 3 blood points to restore one of yours but finding blood is not gonna be a big problem. The -1 Wits wont really make any difference. It gives a double duration of Blood Buff at the expense of not being able to raise Dexterity and Perception over 3.

Raising Dexterity isn't that useful anyway so if you're not a firearms kind of guy, it's worth it. Since vampires have a strong predatory nature they must keep their Humanity high or else they will frenzy and their inner beast will take control. You can raise Humanity with XP like any other attribute but I wouldn't recommend doing so, since you can raise it easily through quests by choosing the "humane" path. All vampires must keep their unnatural abilities and habits hidden from human eyes. If a vampire violates the Masquerade he will be stalked by human vampire hunters and also anger his own kindred.

If you lose all 5 Masquerade points it's game over. You can gain Masquerade redemptions by finishing certain quests. Strength: Raises your Melee and Unarmed feats. Raise Strength to max only if you want to specialise in any of those two. If not then you can use Blood Buff anytime you need to. Having a few points in Strength is always advisable. Dexterity: Affects your Sneaking and Lockpicking feats. Raising Dexterity is not that rewarding though, since you can Blood Buff to lockpick and good enough sneaking can be achieved even with low Dexterity.

Stamina: Stamina affects how much damage you can soak from the blows you take. Again you can use Blood Buff when things get tough, but giving a few points to Stamina anyway would be wise. Charisma: Increases the Persuasion feat. Persuasion is probably the most important verbal feat especially if you are male and you can't use Seduction extensively. Manipulation: Manipulation increases the Haggle feat which gives you better prices at shops.

But Haggle is rather useless so don't go spending any points here. Appearance: It increases the Seduction feat. If you're male you better stick to Persuasion and if you want to raise Seduction a bit use Subterfuge which is cheaper. If you play as a female though Seduction can help you a lot and it's rather fun.

Perception: Raises the Ranged and Inspection feats. Inspection is rather useless so I would advise you to first spend point on Firearms which is cheaper and then on Perception if you want a high ranged feat. Intelligence: Raises your Research and Intimidate feats. Intimidate is useless but Research is essential if you want to read skill books and I would advise you to do so. So a few points in Intelligence are recommended.

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Wits: Wits improves the Defence and Hacking feats. They are both pretty important feats so you'll need to spend some points here. Brawl: Raises the Unarmed feat which also makes it easier for you to feed on unwilling victims. Early in the game it's pretty important and easier feeding is always good.

Dodge: Dodge increases the Defence feat. Defence is rather important so spending points on Dodge is advisable. Intimidation: Increases the Intimidate feat, which isn't worth much when compared to Persuasion and Seduction. Of course it can be chosen for role-playing purposes and also if you're playing a Nosferatu, since they can't use seduction.

Subterfuge: Increases Seduction. It's cheaper than Appearance so spend your first points here if you want to be seductive.

Unnatural Alliances (The Hunters and Vampires Chronicles Book 1)

Firearms: Increases the Ranged feat. You'll need some points here.

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Melee: Increases the Melee feat. Security: Increases the Lockpicking feat, you'll need some points here. Stealth: Affects the Sneaking feat. No need to spend many points here. Computer: Raises the Hacking feat which is rather important. Finance: Raises Haggle. Don't spend more than one point here. Investigation: Increases Inspection. Leave it alone. Truly the most useless skill in the game. Scholarship: Raises Research and Persuasion. Scholarship affects two of the most important feats so you'll do well to spend many points here.

Unarmed: Important especially in the start of the game. Also makes feeding from unwilling victims a lot easier. Having at least a medium Unarmed rating is important. Melee: Until the middle of the game melee weapons are gonna do the most damage so it's advisable to raise this feat a bit. Later on you'll even find a weapon that's so powerful that you can easily finish the game with it so if you want you can specialise in Melee.

Ranged: At the start of the game ranged weapons won't help much, especially against other vampires. But as you come nearer to the end you'll find some very powerful weapons. In the endgame, ranged weapons will do the most damage so if it's your style from a point on, you can try to max this feat.