The torn veil between us and them: A personal supernatural journey through the eyes of a Christian

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When these children saw the heavenly rooms of their Adullam friends they clapped their hands, laughed, and shouted with great joy, calling each one by name to come and see his room. The one in the Spirit was passing along the streets of the New Jerusalem, reading the names above each door. The first day when the Holy Spirit fell upon the children, and one of the boys was caught up to heaven, with angels who came to welcome him came also the two Adullam boys who were undoubtedly saved and who died the year before.

These two, "Hsi Dien Fu" and "Djang Hsing," had with them in heaven a little girl who died in Kotchiu four years previous, whom our children had forgotten. These who had died and gone on before led those who were caught up in the joys and wonders of heaven. They led them to see Jesus, first of all, and to worship and thank Him.

After this they were shown their dwellings and escorted around the city or led out into Paradise to play.

All who went to heaven were given white garments. The angels, also dressed in seamless garments of spotless white, had wings, but the redeemed did not have wings. There was a clear distinction between the two. Later on many more of the children saw these Adullam boys who are in heaven.

Heaven did not seem far away as, caught away in the Spirit, they acted out heavenly visions before our eyes. With closed eyes and radiant faces they clapped their hands and shouted for joy to these boys who died that year, calling them to hurry over to see some dwelling, some golden street, some new scene among the angels, some new discovery in the garden of Paradise, or to come and play the harp and sing with them the praises of Jesus. These boys who had died were so constantly seen in heaven and their names were so frequently shouted in our midst with ecstasy and joy that they did not seem far away— just out of sight.

Heaven was so real, so near, so wonderful, so certain, that if one of our children had died in those days the others would have envied him his privilege. The step to heaven after death or at the coming of the Lord seemed so small and the coming of the Lord so near that it removed from our minds all mystery as to why the first disciples could sell their possessions and face persecution and death without wavering. Our kingdom is not of this world. Our citizenship is in heaven, whence also we wait for our Savior. Our life, our work, our service, our hardships here are only brief and passing incidents on the way to the true life, the true city, in the true kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Scripture Teaches the Regeneration of Natural Creation. Before telling about the visions of Paradise we wish to show that such a Paradise as these children saw is in accord with the Father's plans for his children, as revealed in his written word. When the Lord created the first perfect man and his perfect bride he "planted a garden eastward" in Eden, in which he put the man whom he had formed. Hence, in the beginning, the Lord planned for man to dwell in the midst of all the beauties of nature.

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He was given a home in the garden in the eastern part of Eden, the wonder "park" that God himself planned and planted. In that order there was no sin. There was no sickness or death. There was no thorn or thistle. There was no curse.

1. God Is Looking For Seekers

That was a different world from this. That world was a heaven on earth with man enjoying what might have been eternal life, in dominion over a whole world of trees and flowers "pleasant to the sight," a whole world of beauty and glory such as the present earth has never seen. God planned all these things for man's eternal happiness.

When sin entered, man's enjoyment of this creation became a limited, temporal enjoyment. The first Creation of birds, and flowers, and trees, and animals, that were in the first world and its Eden in an eternal state, fell into a lower order that is not eternal. Restored from sin, man will be restored to his Eden God and his Eden "park.

He will be born again into the new spiritual order. The first order was earthly; the last is spiritual but real. It is similar to the earthly, even as Christ after his resurrection was real and similar but still spiritual and different from the earthly order. He still could eat and drink with his disciples. Even so the world with its natural order of animal, bird, and plant creation is to be born again into a higher, spiritual order similar to the first creation but also different from it. It will be the real order not again subject to corruption and unreality Rom.

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The natural creation is to be born again through the resurrection of Christ. Christ saves more than man. He saves the whole creation that fell into unreality in the fall of man. For "all creation, gazing eagerly as if with outstretched neck, is waiting and longing to see the manifestation of the sons of God. There was always the hope that, at last, the creation itself would also be set free from the thraldom of decay, so as to enjoy the liberty that will attend the glory of the children of God" Rom. If this does not mean that the present natural order of plant, animal, and all natural life looks forward to being set free in the same resurrected order and the same liberty the saved are to enjoy in a new estate, what does it mean?

All nature looks forward to the new spiritual regeneration that belongs to the redeemed, for Christ ''brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of His creatures. Christ himself "is the image of the invisible God, the first-born of all creation. Even the earth itself is to be a regenerated in the new order, since "according to his promise we look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness" II Pet Will not that new earth have trees and flowers and animals and birds and all the beauties of glorified nature in a higher incorruptible order that shall abide forever?

These things are as certain as the word of God, for "he that sitteth on the throne said, Behold I make all things new," and he said, "write for these words are faithful and TRUE" Rev. John "saw a new heaven and a new earth," and he also "saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven" to the New Earth. As there was an Eden park of pleasure and fruits on the first earth so, also, in a higher, regenerated, resurrected order, the New Jerusalem will contain an Eden park on the New Earth in the new order.

This Eden "park" is already in heaven in the New Jerusalem that has not yet descended, but is soon coming down. Perhaps the revelation of such a Paradise in heaven as Adullam saw will be as new to most of the readers as it was to us. This is because we are so dull of mind and slow of heart to "believe all that is written in the scriptures.

We did not teach these children about this Paradise.

Seeing Behind the Veil with Ana Werner - Part 1

The children taught us. Some of the smallest children, who were naturally most ignorant of these matters, were our best teachers. That they got these things from the Lord is clearly evident, as you will see by a comparison with the teaching of the Bible. It teaches there is just such a Paradise in heaven as these children saw.

Paul said he knew a man who was "caught up even to the third heaven" and that this person "was caught up into Paradise. Of the heavenly scene we are also told that "on this side of the river and on that was the tree of life bearing twelve manner of fruits. This Paradise is a great "park" of surpassing wonder; that is just what the word "Paradise" means.

32. The Day Christ Died (Matthew 27:32-61)

Man's most beautiful parks, with their picturesque landscapes, their flowing streams, their crystal pools, the wooded nooks, the verdant greens, the fragrant, variegated flowers, the carolling birds, and animal pets, are only imperfect imitations on the part of man to reproduce the Eden that was "in the beginning. If God did not put into the heart of man this love for nature and this desire for natural parks of pleasure and fruit, whence came this universal love of nature, that has been in the heart of man from the days of his earliest history? Is all man's efforts to preserve a little of the vanishing natural beauties of this cursed and perishing earth only a vain fancy to be followed for only a few fleeting years?

Is a love for the birds, and animals, and flowers, and trees, and mountains, and valleys, and lakes, and streams, and all this handiwork of God just a passing amusement given by the Lord to cheer us a little on this pilgrim journey? Are not the finest combinations of all that is beautiful in nature just mere fore-shadows of the unperverted and unlimited realities in the Paradise of God in heaven?

These natural beauties are not just scenes passed on a pilgrim journey. They are guide ways of God, pointing to the Eden of beauty at the end of the way. Love of nature may become an eternal love, enlarged beyond all natural limits for all who overcome by the blood of the Lamb, who, by faith in him, enter by the gates into the city with its Paradise of God, the Eden park in heaven whose beauty sin will never mar.

You will be interested, as we were, in what our Adullam children saw in the Paradise, the Eden, in the city beyond the sky. One of the young men was in Paradise almost as soon as he entered the heavenly city. There he was met by the two Adullam boys who had died in Hokow. These boys, taking him through Paradise and the other parts of the Holy City, soon came to a great, lawn like, grassy, open plot surrounded by magnificent trees, golden and sparkling. The whole scene was so entrancing the young man said to his two glorified friends, "This is good enough for me. There cannot be anything more beautiful.

I will stay right here. The whole park-like surrounding and the grassy lawn beneath the trees were enticing beyond any earthly understanding. The young man said, "I must stay here, I cannot go on and leave this great beauty. I am so happy.

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Floods of joy and happiness he had never known on earth flooded his whole being. He was in the land of joy, "joy unspeakable and full of glory," "the land that is fairer than day. The angel smiled, offered him the harp. The angel passed by. Soon other angels came, smiling to him as they played and sang. The angels were dressed in seamless garments of white; their faces were perfect; one was not more beautiful than another.

Similar and surpassing beautiful scenes in Paradise were seen, repeatedly seen, by a large number of Adullam children. In Paradise they saw trees bearing the most delicious fruit, and vistas of most beautiful flowers of every color and hue, sending forth an aroma of surpassing fragrance. There were birds of glorious plumage singing their carols of joy and praise. In this park were also animals of every size and description: large deer, small deer, large lions, great elephants, lovely rabbits, and all sorts of little friendly pets such as they had never seen before.

The children held the little pets in their arms and passed them from one to another.