The Importance of the Jewish Religion and Race to Modern Life

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Trump draws new lines between us and them , leveraging various racist presuppositions against black people, immigrants and whatever other people he feels like demonizing at the moment.

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Racists like to insist that drawing those lines is natural. Nazis claim that the hatred of Jews is a genetic instinct. Even supposedly sober conservatives fulminate against immigrants by claiming that "increased diversity and the distrust it sows have clearly put stresses on our politics," as if hatred is an inevitable reaction, rather than a calculated outcome. In this view, racial differences create racism.

In reality, racism manufactures racial differences. Jewish people are not a different race. But Hornsby's ruling correctly identifies the parsing of DNA as irrelevant to racism and racist ideas. Racism occurs when marginalized people are treated as a different race and discriminated against on that basis.

What does it mean to be genetically Jewish?

This doesn't mean that you can end racism by refusing to see skin color, or religious affiliation or nationality. It wouldn't stop racists from discriminating against them. Ultimately, civil rights laws shouldn't be used as a way to decide which people do and don't actually belong to a different race. Instead, civil rights laws should protect all marginalized people who are falsely treated as if they are biologically different. The brilliance of Hornsby's ruling is that it acknowledges the fact that racists aren't concerned with science, but with hatred.

Noah Berlatsky is a freelance writer and cultural critic based in Chicago. Opinion, Analysis, Essays. My Belief.

Follow think. And sports—I used to play softball. But I look at it as a more positive experience. I feel really connected with my Jewish community, but a little less connected to the observance factor of my religion.

Being Jewish in the United States | Facing History and Ourselves

When I was little, my whole family would sit down every Friday night and light the Shabbat candles and say the blessings. Every once in a while I go to services, but I appreciate it a lot more when I do my own thing and say my own prayers. Born in Seoul, Korea, to a Korean Buddhist mother and an American Jewish father, Angela explains how she grew to understand herself within the diversity of Jewish life around the world and throughout history:.

Growing up, I knew my family was atypical, yet we were made to feel quite at home in our synagogue and community. But as I grew older, I began to see myself reflected in the Jewish community. I was the only multiracial Jew at my Jewish summer camp in ; when I was a song-leader there a decade later, there were a dozen.

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I have met hundreds of people in multiracial Jewish families in the Northeast through the Multiracial Jewish Network. Social scientist Gary Tobin numbers interracial Jewish families in the hundreds of thousands in North America. As I learned more about Jewish history and culture, I found it very powerful to learn that being of mixed race in the Jewish community was not just a modern phenomenon. We were a mixed multitude when we left Egypt and entered Israel, and the Hebrews continued to acquire different cultures and races throughout our Diaspora history.

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Walking through the streets of modern-day Israel, one sees the multicolored faces of Ethiopian, Russian, Yemenite, Iraqi, Moroccan, Polish, and countless other races of Jews—many facial particularities, but all Jewish. We were a mixed multitude in ancient times, and we still are.

Reproduced by permission from Carus Publishing Company. Four teenagers from different religious traditions reflect on their experiences of religious belief and belonging. Read this reflection on Jewish identity by the daughter of an Ashkenazi, Reform Jewish father and a Korean Buddhist mother. Journalists, media professionals, and a high school student discuss the different ways that people respond to the news, including a particular photo taken during a Ferguson protest.

The Stream - Black and Jewish in Israel

These differences relate to geography and intermixing often along religious lines. Jews geographically originate in the Levant and East Mediterranean. The vast majority of modern ethnic Jews who make up the vast majority of modern religious Jews share the bulk of their ancestry with populations from these regions and not with their former non-Jewish neighbors.

This has been demonstrated over and over again without fail. Yes, all human beings exist on a genetic cline, which is defined by variation. The Jews generated from the Middle East and are a caucasian subrace similar to the arab, turkish or persian peoples. If there are jewish people in China, Japan or India it is because their ancestors converted to Judaism. Jew and Jewish are two different terms in English language. And a conversion is as legit a Jewish root as 'birhtright'. Ancient Egyptians, for instance, with whom Jews also interacted a lot, judging by many remaining images of them, looked quite similar to Far Easterners.

Of course there are also many modern Jews with a non-Jewish parent or a convert parent , but that's a different subject altogether. The World will be blessed when these fruitless arguments are replaced by consideration of how individuals and societies treat one another. Mark, you are so right - alas, after how many centuries and beginning of Time, undoubtedly, human beings just aren't smart enough to stop the insanity.

In the USofA, the insanity is getting worse and no stopping is in sight, as far as I can tell. I'm wondering when The Universal Deity will speak up. Agree hopefully we will eventually agree that there in no superior race and all are equal in G-d,s eyes Reply. The best summary statement that I have read in a long time. It won't. It's our job to fix it Trying to explain to non-Jews that we are entitled to our beliefs is like telling their ancestors to not murder Jews who refused to convert.

They pray to a Jew - and are antisemitic. Makes no sense to me. But then again, my Yiddishakippela is what it is, eh. You are generalizing too much. Not all Jew-praying Gentiles are antisemitic, and not all Gentiles are Jew-praying, and for that matter, not all Gentiles praying to other Gods, are antisemites either. My experience is most Gentiles, in US anyway, are tolerant and ok with others' beliefs. I do not mean to 'generalize' - I know that not all should be used for anything.

However, my experiences are that 2 Christians said things to me that I told them were very antisemitic. They did not agree and one said 'I have the right to say what I want to say about Jews The only person talking about "superior race" on this page is you, Giovanna.

And defending our heritage and ancestry does not make us supremacists in any sense. You seem to be the only person here concerned with a "superior race. I don't think Giovanna was implying that Jews are a "superior race," but rather just that the concept of a superior race should cease to exist. Thank you for bringing light to a concept that creates division because in G-d's eyes we are equal even if we belong to different spiritual traditions.

A man left a comment here for a calculation of Some Proteins. So, what part of science is this?

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  7. The human is changing and much more. The fact that the Jewish are white race and of a tribe is not tired of repeating itself. Is it a problem with you? I don't think it's a fact, I know many Jews whose skin color is dark, like from Yemen and North Africa! First, Jews are not white.

    To be a Jew is to be part of a nation, not a member of a single race. We began as 12 tribes that were formed into a single nation in one of the most diverse areas on earth at that time--Canaan. Having crossroads for trade routes among North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and Asia, Canaan was an extremely racially diverse area. Over the years, the ancient Israelites--whatever race they were initially--periodically intermarried with Canaanites, either through conquest or conversion. Despite these mixtures, we are one through the Torah.

    Therefore, race should not even be an issue when we talk about Jews. Do you know someone who proved that his tribe is among six tribes?


    Just like Catholics are not members of a single race, because they are one through the Bible? Sorry, but you cannot compare Judaism, which is and has always been an ethno-religious group, to proselytizing religions like Christianity and Islam. Instead of the compared religions, what about the preservation of all ethnic groups? They were dead.