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The Farm were also central to the track released to commemorate the Hillsborough disaster , " The Fields of Anfield Road ", the proceeds going to the families of those killed in the disaster. The Farm was also one of the first bands to perform at the Echo Arena Liverpool when it opened in January In , The Farm joined forces with others to create the Don't Buy The Sun Gig, at the Olympia in Liverpool, which was part of the continuing protest on Merseyside against The Sun newspaper for its controversial reporting of the Hillsborough disaster 22 years before.

This then formed the core of The Justice Tonight Band which toured from to , including four performances supporting The Stone Roses in their comeback tour in Throughout and , the band have continued to perform at festivals around the UK, including the Isle of Wight Festival in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    She was especially cheerful and talked to Laura every time they were together. She even talked to the MC sociably and gave the MC the impression that she was a sweet and innocent-lovely girl. But after the Laura arc ended, this girl, for some reason, no longer existed. But now because of the event, her power of existence became nearly obsolete because of the monster, and only has a few moments left before her flame of existence burns out and no one will ever remember or know that she existed.

    But now, due to the recurring encounters, she has become entangled with other forces and powers therefore forcing her to create a new identity in order to accommodate the change.

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    Her being mentioned like that actually gives the most tension, epic, and interests to the story since I am actually being drawn to this Character who has the most amazing character development and background story. See this is interesting because I really want to know what happened to this girl and if she became involved in something. I would like to know what her secret life outside her maid form that made her turn non-existent and anti-social. If the author were to ever make another book called Shakugan no Nier, I would read and follow that 5 star plot novel and see the story Nier the replicant.

    The MC does develop the farming sim a bit, which is why I stuck around with the novel for so long, but then he just randomly decides to become a god and expand the farming sim into a world, which I was on board for except he then just forgets about it.

    He basically just ends up using his farming sim as a bag of holding or something though he sometimes uses the miscellaneous functions like the auto-brainwashing slave maker aspect of the sim. Also, the celebrity look alikes got super distracting after a while to the point where I was "Oh, another onahole for the harem" whenever any woman is described as looking like a specific celebrity it's a coincidence, the author insists even when the MC doesn't show any overt interest or exchange any words with them.

    Plus, at one point, the MC disguises himself with a mask to look like his previous self but I don't think the author kept track of whether the MC maintained the disguise so it was a bit weird for me to believe that women would fall in love with this dude when he couldn't even keep track of what face he was literally wearing. And c'mon, an European looking dude with decent looks versus a Chinese bloke who's plain looking to Asian eyes but exotic in the eyes of another world? It just enforces how bimbo-ish the women that he was collecting became. Plus, the Taylor Swift clone basically became the head wife and the author just describes the MC's growing collection of women as Laura and company instead of naming them individually because there's too many and they are all fembots.

    What's worse is that even if you ignore the problematic harem that is a black hole sucking up all of the female characters of a certain age range, the side characters that the author seemed to have taken care setting up like the MC's faithful retainers all fall on the wayside. They showed up once or twice as an afterthought as if the author remembered, "Oh, they're there.

    He's pretty much like the farming sim itself, all 1s and 0s. The rip offs also increase too much later on. At one point, the Saint Seiya divine cloths literally make their appearance and there is a boss fight that looks like it could be ripped out of some Saint Seiya fanfiction. Really distracting and lazy writing at this point. In any case, the MC starts good but eventually becomes a mind controlling, brain washing, self-aggrandizing psychopath with delusions of normality.

    Just saying. At the very beginning it was justified to some degree by authors writing but, I finally could not stand it when he wiped out a whole plane world of people because a sect from that plane was in league with an opponent sect to go against the sect that the MC was going to join.

    IF there is no readers, this novel would be terminated since the th chapters , right? No, not you who read the translated English version, but the original Chinese people. Chinese doesn't read the novel because it's just the novel. They also read idioms, meaning of single word and words, between-the-words and between-the-lines, their cultures and heritages and norms. All these are lost in almost all translation.. So if you do not know any of Ancient Chinese's culture, heritage, literature, norm..

    No cliff. Reading to pass the time.

    Old MacDonald Had A Farm - + More Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes

    Drop when boring. Pickup again to pass time. You won't lost any of your brain cell to remeber anything in this novel. It's Qidian's novel.

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    But as you may see, Qidian does not translate this novel itself. It turns into a bad Xianxia later on. The MC advances with the help of the cheaty farm, which kinda transform into a universe by itself as it levels up and gets new things also can analyze and produce almost anything he needs, and grow copies of almost whatever MC grabs into his world.

    Sounds interesting, yeah? This novel started good with its own strong point.

    Kids on the farm

    Well the strong point was farm but after that, the author seems lose the direction of its own novel. The combat. Yeah, the author almost totally skipped the entire battle process. Too many unnecessary conversation. Its useless talking about this. If the battle or the progress seems interesting, I would be glad to recommend this novel to become a good novel but NOT.