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We will shed these bodies of sin; Romans We will never be tempted to disobey our holy LORD again. In verse 6, we view before the throne, something resembling a sea of glass like crystal in the center and it surrounds the seat that holds the One of all omnipotence.

The Book of Revelation​—What Does it Mean?

This adds to the luminosity of our King of majesty, reigning above every subjected and formed thing. We read in Esther chapter 4 that she, even as queen, could lose her life by coming near the imperial area of the king minus permission. We see throughout Esther that the palace area was exquisite, reaching far beyond the normal splendor that represented wealth in that period. Who can even phantom the glorious splendor of holy heaven when we all have been subjected to a sin-filled, cursed earth? We observe also in verses of Revelation chapter 4, creatures full of eyes in front and behind.

These eyes can certainly be representative of the fact that God sees and hears all, that nothing escapes His notice—Proverbs and 2 Chronicles He writes every deed of every person in His book Romans deals with the thoughts of men, and God judging the secrets of men through Christ Jesus. Matthew reveals that God takes note of our every word. The first of these creatures is like a lion, the second a calf, and the third like a man, and the forth like a flying eagle—a flying eagle in Revelation will, in human verbalization, speak of the woes falling on dwellers of the earth that will arise by the hand of Christ, as this prey bird soars through the atmosphere.

Moreover, He is tenacious in His dealings, and strong and resourceful in fulfilling His will. God lives forever and ever and these creatures never stop acknowledging His glory and honor in eternal thanksgiving. These beings are also exposed in Ezekiel chapter 1, providing additional insight into their complexity and appearance.

We have been peering through these texts with our creative thought, traversing through this chapter, attempting to grasp the displayed. We close it viewing the 24 elders falling down before our LORD. Colossians 1, verses , magnifies God the Son as the Creator of all. This reveals to us that there is no question concerning Christ being God, part of the Trinity Godhead.

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Revelation makes it totally apparent as well, that Christ is magnified God. Photo clip by photo clip is how we continue to tread into Revelation. John is relaying his astonishing heavenly vision systematically, which commenced with the previous chapter. It was in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne. I believe this to be God the Father. You may inquire, what is this book he wants me to know about?

Well, I will tell you what I think. I believe this is that book. It was to be sealed and to be unsealed when the time of last day fulfillment was to arrive—the days previous to the unleashing of the tribulation period—troublesome times. We also see in this verse, in Daniel, that one of the signs regarding the last days will be the abundance of travel. It is a very concerning thing, we are beholding here in this segment of this flight into the future. As we attempt to grasp exactly all John is viewing in this heavenly scene, we notice no one is found worthy to open the book.

Now, we need to turn and look toward John. To our dismay, we see this appointed apostle is weeping greatly. He obviously knows the importance of having the book unsealed. Placing the prophesies of Daniel beside Revelation gives us a clearer photo of all that will unfold in the ghastly final days. Encouragement arrives on the scene for us in verse 5, as we witness John being told that he need no longer lament; disclosing Christ, the Lion of Judah, the root of David, is the One appointed to open the book of revealed prophesies.

The words here are entirely significant as this reveals that Jesus, born of the tribe of Judah, is the root of David. This fulfills all the prophecies concerning the line of David ruling on the throne in Jerusalem over the Jews.

Basic Structure of the Book of Revelation

The Messiah is the ultimate King in this line. Nathan was not of the line of Solomon. Zerubbabel did rule as governor and oversaw the rebuilding of the temple as recorded in Ezra and Zechariah f. Nevertheless, God being gracious, did state of Zerubbabel, in Haggai , that during the millennial period, Zerubbabel would be like a signet ring, for God had chosen him.

Kings wore signet rings for legalizing documents.

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This teaches us Zerubbabel will have exalted, rex power on the earth during the millennial reign of Christ. He being of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, will rule as God over the world from His throne.

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When the angel appeared to Mary in Luke , he spoke in millennial terms, never referencing the church age. Of course, Mary was a Jew, therefore the angel Gabriel spoke of the millennial promises that would be fulfilled by her Seed. Mary anticipated, as a Jewess, the promises of the reigning Messiah. She was told this would ensue through her. God speaks in timeless ways … a thousand years are as one day to Him. None of the millennial prophesies, set before Mary, would come to pass until centuries following her entering into paradise. And He shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.

In Revelation , we see Christ the lamb standing as if slain. This sad truth, in heavenly vision form, is to remind us that Christ died for our sins, as the only one worthy—as the sinless Lamb of God. We are to take communion often in remembrance of this. We observe in Acts that believers partook in the breaking of bread—doing so as they went from house to house. In warning of communion, if we take it unworthily, our lives can be snuffed out as 1 Corinthians renders. This is a form of church discipline performed by God Almighty.

Whereby, He allows believers to become ill and eventually die if they do not repent of undisclosed, Scripturally disobedient undertakings. The church too is to discipline Biblically, but leadership is not always aware of all the sin present in a congregation and this implements a safeguard. Our mighty God knows all the facts and can judge without any misguidance. We read, as well, in Revelation ; of the seven spirits. Remember, they oversaw the churches and pronounced judgment upon those fellowships that allowed in its doors acts of Biblical disrespect. Christ was going to discipline those churches that fell short of submission in various areas of Scriptural nonconformance.

Here, we witness these angels being sent into all the earth. Subsequently, the four living creatures and twenty-four elders fall before the Lamb … what a holy sight to behold. Each is holding a harp.

This is the only played instrument implemented for singing that we witness in heaven—it being a medium that transmits pure and lovely tones. We are commanded to dwell an all that is lovely, pure, honorable … all that is above reproach—Philippians This includes compositions listened to and sung. All must represent separation from the sensual beat of this world. These elders and angels are also holding bowls of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

Praying according to Scriptural truths is entreating in the will of the Lord, and we see these supplications are very precious and delightfully fragrant to God.