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He wrote works in his lifetime but burned them all before his death. But his pithy quotes, which open a window into his sharp mind, are gems of wisdom that have become a cherished part of his legacy.

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Identity is built from within. If we are all defined only by how we measure up to others, then no true self-identity can exist. Our relationship with God is reciprocal. He desires the relationship, yearning for us to reach out to Him.

The Rebbe's Blessings

The extent we bring Him into our life determines the quality of our relationship. There is a time and place for thoughts and utterances. And we need to have the humility to realize that some have no place at all. It would be better if they would look within themselves to see what happens there. Though some believe that holiness is attained merely through pondering the mystical, perfection is only achieved by putting in the hard work to improve one's character.

Honest self-reflection will yield more spiritual growth than lofty speculation. Rather you must arise and do!

Good intentions alone are just a means towards an end. Action is the desired outcome of intent. Real change requires doing, not wishful thinking. The Kotzker Rebbe continues to inspire the Jewish people with the unique spiritual perspective he offered.

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Israel Mourns Passing of Kaliver Rebbe, zt’l

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