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Between the two classes there was much conflict; time, however, solves its problems, and solved them in the Panhandle.

The progress in agriculture in the Panhandle during the last half dozen years really excited some of the older residents. Words related to panhandle scrounge , sponge , freeload , bum , cadge , mooch , hustle. Words nearby panhandle pangola grass , pangolin , pangram , panguingue , pangwe , panhandle , panhandle state , panhead , panhellenic , panhellenism , panhoss.

Nestor Drenches Florida Panhandle

Origin of panhandle 2 —, Americanism ; back formation from panhandler; so called from the resemblance of the extended arm to a panhandle 1. Examples from the Web for panhandle When it's cold outside, as it is for much of the year in the Idaho panhandle , inside accommodations are warm and cozy. Spaghetti for Breakfast?! Partners of Chance Henry Herbert Knibbs.

Frances of the Ranges Amy Bell Marlowe.

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Bicycle Route 50 —which aims to connect D. Backpackers, take note: The This ruggedly winsome swath of West Virginia is proud to be its own entity, and has courted the Washington, D. Or, arguably, before; George Washington first visited as a teen. The more charming of the state's two panhandles see below , this eastern arm boasts several destinations worth visiting. It's also where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers converge not a coincidence.

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The Appalachian Trail runs right through the center of town, which adds a folksy vibe to the place. Berkeley Springs —formerly, and aptly, known as Bath—is one of the oldest spa destinations in the nation, if not the first.

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This is nothing new. The Oklahoma panhandle may just be the unluckiest rectangle of plains in world history. And, near the New Mexico border, the mile-long Black Mesa , the highest point in the state, juts up from twisting canyons home to dinosaur footprints.

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  4. But if you find yourself in this panhandle, your time would perhaps be best spent exploring side roads and popping into eerie abandoned homesteads left behind from Okie families heading west during the Dust Bowl. As is the case in Western Maryland, residents from this region tend to have more in common with Pittsburghers than they do with folks from the rest of their state. The star of West Virginia's northern panhandle is Wheeling , the state's first capital city after its split from Virginia during the American Civil War.

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    Head downtown for the shops, food at the central Centre Market , which dates to , or to the Wheeling Waterfront for views of the Ohio River. Just outside Wheeling city limits you'll find one of the largest conical burial mounds in the United States. A free museum nearby showcases relics found on the site. Robert Reid rates them all in terms of travel appeal—with a little trivia thrown in.