Newspaper Shreds: A Lifetime Story of Abuse in Places 7,000 Miles Apart

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Although Folmar prided himself in keeping roads paved, potholes filled, water flowing and garbage collected, he was criticized at some points for not being sufficiently proactive in repairing infrastructure in poor, minority sections on the periphery of the city limits. His leadership style was unyielding and even sometimes bordered on bullying, but he was unapologetic about his leadership style saying that his tactics were in support and furtherance of a quality life for the citizens who paid the salaries of the public servants, although he never accepted a salary while mayor.

He was financially supported by family real estate and other holdings. He often verbally tangled with vocal critics on the City Council, particularly former Councilman Joe Reed, a black leader who represented a decidedly minority district in the city. But Folmar also took great pleasure in jousting with former City Councilman Richard Moncus who represented a primarily white constituency in a heavily middle class section of Montgomery.

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Moncus became a pariah on the Council, but he also had constant disagreements with another white councilman, Dr. Rick McBride. So, in Folmar put together what he called "Montgomery's Team," basically a group of hand-picked city council candidates he could entrust to help him push his policy agenda. At the polls that year, he received the solid supporting city council he wanted. Folmar was also successful in helping to direct the city's economic development successes during his time in office, although the city's most celebrated economic development prize - Hyundai Motor Manufacturing - followed a few years after his leaving office.

Folmar often addressed the senior civic classes of area high schools during his time as mayor. On such occasions he often drew criticism for the Civic Center raid that city youth blamed on effectively killing the concert business in the city. Once Folmar answered that criticism by saying "You can stay at home and get as high as a Georgia Pine and I won't care.

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But when you bring it out on my streets, it becomes my business. Folmar's controversial stances were cast at the outset of his political career in the s in highly-controversial City Council votes along racial lines. Many western areas of the city are without utility infrastructure over 25 years later. A number of incidents involving his hard-line stances include long-time racial tensions between the police and black citizens which zeroed in on Folmar's leadership as the precursor; as mayor, he was known to be the true, de facto leader of the city's police force and he routinely furthered that image by getting proactive in on-the-scene police investigations and was known to carry a pistol.

A notorious incident happened on Todd Rd. The detectives were following up on a missing person case and observed a suspicious subject outside the residence. During Folmar's re-election bid in , Samuel J. Caraway, a 19 year old, openly gay resident of Montgomery, was beaten and jailed by two members of the Montgomery Police Department while attempting to erect a sign mocking Folmar's election slogan, "Folmar - Still The One. McPhillips, Jr. The Montgomery City Bus Transit System had a long historical past of serving the city and stepped to the forefront with the arrest of Rosa Parks in and the subsequent year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott thereafter, which still didn't destroy the Transit System.

It took a political decision by Folmar to selectively ban certain ads on buses, namely an anti-death penalty ad, to dismantle the bus system.

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When Folmar was told that he couldn't ban the ad as discriminatory, he banned all ads, which saw advertising revenue plummet, a large portion of the Transit System's income. Within a couple of years, the traditional system of large buses and fixed routes and the historical Montgomery buses were abolished in favor of a demand system equal to a public taxi shuttle, which many citizens found unfair and troublesome for impromptu use, requiring hour advance booking.

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Folmar lost to George Wallace , who was seeking an unprecedented fourth term. The election was noted as being the first truly competitive two-party campaign in Alabama history due to strong Republican political gains on the national, state and local levels after a long history of state Democratic domination in Alabama. However, Alabama remained largely Democratic at the state level, dooming Folmar's campaign.

Afterward, he served as chairman of the Alabama Republican Party from to With his high position in the party and with Ronald Reagan enjoying widespread popularity, Folmar could have sought the Republican gubernatorial nomination again in , which instead went to Guy Hunt who was thought to be the Republicans' "sacrificial lamb". Graddick won the primary, but the Alabama Democratic Party argued that many Republicans had crossed over and "illegally" voted for Graddick in the Democratic primary.

However, Alabama had no party registration laws to restrict participation in either party primary by voters. Democratic party leaders successfully managed to have Graddick's win nullified in favor of Baxley. The low point? The moment that stands out was on day 16, just over two weeks in to my trip. I had been pushing my bike up the Ecuadorian Andes for four days; it was pouring with rain and I was extremely hungry.

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  7. I had passed house after house of rejection: no one would help. We reached a house and I fell to my knees in tears, begging the woman for help, even just her garden to put up my tent. She looked at me, looked at how desperate I was, the tears streaming from my face, and shook her finger.

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    I could do nothing and I felt like nothing. I dug deep to source any shred of energy or willpower to keep going. Very light. Think practically and essentially. I would recommend Gore gloves and rain jacket as they are lightweight. I also loved my down jacket: it kept me warm and worked as a pillow too! Finally, it is important to keep positive. I was raising money for a charity called Operation South America and the thought of them got me through my darkest days.

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    And download some motivational videos or podcasts. Stepping off the plane in Brazil. With so many of us on a quest for more stuff and more money, this is a perspective on Earth that few of us get to feel. The daily challenge of finding a new source of food and water, a place to sleep, and a ride made the whole trip through South America strenuous. One day in Peru I accidentally got off the Pan-American Highway and ended up in the middle of nowhere.

    It took me around 12 rides to go just miles. But hitchhiking is worth it because it takes you to places and introduces you to people you never would have seen or met in any other way. France begins to reassert its authority over Vietnam. The policy becomes known as the Truman Doctrine. The defeat solidifies the end of French rule in Indochina. The agreement also stipulates that elections are to be held within two years to unify Vietnam under a single democratic government.

    These elections never happen. The South Vietnamese are overcome despite their four-to-one advantage and the technical and planning assistance of U. Eight people, including children, are killed. Between and , 12 different governments take the lead in South Vietnam as military coups replace one government after another.

    Lyndon B. Two U. Meanwhile, China sends several engineering troops to North Vietnam to assist in building critical defense infrastructure. The same month, U. The six-day operation diffuses the Viet Cong regiment, although it would quickly rebuild.

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    Onlookers encourage him to release his month-old baby daughter, whom he is holding, before he is engulfed in flames. Both sides declare victory. The United States forces suffer some 1, casualties. For 77 days, the marines and South Vietnamese forces fend off the siege. Attacks are carried out in more than cities and outposts across South Vietnam, including Hue and Saigon, and the U.

    Embassy is invaded. The effective, bloody attacks shock U.