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Jan 14, Kim Osborn rated it it was amazing. I must say that the royal blood chronicles series has been a joy to read, the books are nicely long, very well written and each is a true page Turner in its own right.


I hope the saga continues. Please contact me the minute a new book is OUT! Feb 09, Megan rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed reading about the new characters I think it just adds another layer to the already great series. Apr 05, Lisa Dess rated it it was amazing. This book was well written and kept me glued to the pages. Apr 22, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: I liked this book alright, but was not as good as the others, it felt rushed, and e editing is getting worse. Mar 11, Mindie Hollars-lee rated it it was amazing.

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It is literally everything a book should be. May 19, Nikki Ritchie rated it it was amazing. It was quite abit different from the other books in the series. I liked it but was hard getting to know 6 new characters when you are used to certain few in 5 other books. Bethany rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Robin rated it really liked it Feb 25, Heather rated it it was amazing Mar 26, One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. First advice to everyone. If u purchased book one, do not buy book 2.

The whole book is contained in book 1. Don't make my mistake. On a good note, I'm reading my way through this series one at a time.

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Major grammatical errors, but if u can get past that u will see a very interesting story develop. The author leaves u constantly guessing who the spy is. It's nice that the author gives u a long preview of the next book in the series at the end of each book too. Gets u hooked so u have no choice but to buy the next in the series. Enjoy reading, I am. I love reading how Katrina and the girls have really come to tearms with who and what they are. Also seeing who joins the good or evil clans.

I was also very sad at the end!! I can't wait to see what happens in The Dark Prince. I am addicted to these books: There is so much magic in the writing that it is just lovely! I'm still a Quinn fan and hope he stays in the story through it all, but Damion really steped it up too. I am shocked and sad but you have to read the book to find out way: This series has me caught in its web and my husband may never forgive me for purchasing them all in one go! I may have to wait until my birthday next month and the wait for the rest may just kill me!

I honestly love this series. The storyline is memorable and action-packed and the characters are unforgettable. I love that it seems as though the story will never end! I actually can put myself in that place but I never could with those others, I loved the series but my imagination runs away with this series.. The Protectors begins immediately after the events that concluded the previous book. Kat is back and continues to strengthen her bond between her friends.

Kat and her friends are known to most as The Protectors. It is told that they are destined to end the battle of the races. Then why, the child wonders.

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As an adult, the mixed-race Gabriel is asked by women on dates in Paris to define his identity. But the novel shows that no matter how hard you try to sidestep it, war tries to designate you an enemy. It had made me serious.

Faye began writing Small Country in And the next day, some people were back at restaurant terraces, life continued. You have to understand how that wears down your nerves. You grow old much quicker. That fear — week in, week out — ends up changing you profoundly. It was hard for Faye to talk about the war in Burundi to his mother, who had escaped violence in Rwanda and lived as a refugee. He wanted to show how war creeps up. In the novel, the mixed race child Gabriel moves between settings as an insider-outsider.

But much of his hip-hop is about French society and its identity problems — a society that has turned in on itself, stigmatising those with immigrant roots. France is at a crossroads. It was built by people from all over the world. To forget that is to forget what it is to be French. Like her fellow Norwegian Karl Ove Knausgaard, whose six-volume work My Struggle became an international phenomenon, Hjorth often uses her own life as inspiration. The settlement is overshadowed by memories of being abused by her father when she was five.

The book was praised when it came out in But it was also controversial.

This was a novel that people could enjoy either as high literature or as a work of down-and-dirty revenge. The tabloids loved it as much as the broadsheets, and it became the bestselling novel of the year. The narrator does not.

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Instead she took a writing course and wrote her own novel, Fri vilje Free Will. Everyone was talking about it, comparing it with the original. Ben McPherson. Is Aramburu the Tolstoy of the Basque country, author of a Spanish language War and Peace that lays bare the pain of 40 pointless years of separatist terrorism? Mar Jan 5. Feb 2. Dec 5. Dec 2. Dec 3. Dec 4. May Apr Sep 7. About us. Awards Donate Archive.

Bloodline (Book five): a Royal Blood Chronicle (Royal Blood Chronicles 5)

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