La main dIman (LITTERATUR) (French Edition)

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She repeats her visits until the whole of the convent have enjoyed her. The heroine, it will be observed, tells her own story. The tale, which at the beginning is somewhat sentimental, is fairly told, and is not without interest. In the morning he sees through the key-hole of his bed room door the landlord amusing himself in the adjoining room with one of the servant maids. He thinks this may be made the means of helping him to the favours of the landlady, who has taken his fancy.

He accordingly com- municates to her what he has seen, and begs her to watch with him on the following day her husband's infidelity. Our hero now deter- mines to possess the maid as well, so going boldly into her bed room one night, he, under pain of revealing what he has seen, induces her, nothing loth, to submit to his embraces. After this he leaves the inn, but continues his intimacy with both mistress and maid at his own lodgings, where both pay him regular visits.

In the two vols, are together 16 coloured plates very badly executed. Plates which have no reference to the text, and belong to other works are frequently inserted in lieu of the right ones. At the end of vol. In the first chapt. Her amours with the Comte d'Artois are touched on, and the worn out incident of the " cordon de sonette " is brought into requisition. I have seen another edition dated , with an engraving in the style of Marillier, and two medallion portraits on one plate, over each of which are the names "Chariot" and " Toinette.

Libraire et Imprimerie Universelle. That of the first vol. The other vols, are regular; vol. There are numerous errors of various kinds throughout all four vols. The four vols, have been published at different times and places, the titles are in various types and of unequal exe- cution, as are the yellow paper wrappers in which the work was issued. Several hands have doubtless been employed on the work, in the Avant propos to vol. The first vol. It would seem that another vol. Altogether the work is worthless in a literary point of view, and the scandalous details are too gross and absurd to be believed.

The abuse is not confined to Napoleon III and his court; those of Russia, Spain, and Belgium come in for their share; England alone is spared, for the few lines vol. The following extracts will give a sufficient idea of the style and absurdity of the book. Madame de Solms, accompanied by M.

James Fazy, goes to the brothel of Mme. The way in which a child was procured, and passed off as the Prince Imperial, is then described. The above extracts are copied exactly as they stand in the work, without any correction of their faults. In the " Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes," vol. Berlin Jules Abelsdorpf, Libraire-Editeur. Ghisletty Libraire-Editeur," that of vol. I have perhaps noticed this vile and trashy publication at too great a length, but as it is the most important work which the libellers of the ex-emperor and his court have yet produced, and as it is becoming scarce, I have thought well to afford it more space than it would otherwise deserve.

Londres W.

During the Franco-German war of — many of these pieces were so engraved in Belgium, and sold at 1 frc. This pamphlet has no literary value. Suivie de quelques Nouvelles Nouvelles. A La Haye, chez Isaac van der Kloot. A La Haye chez I. There are three other editions, viz. There can be little doubt but that " Les Amours de Sainfroid et d'Eulalie" is based upon the Girard-Cadiere scandal; at first the date of its publication if strictly correct would seem to oppose that supposition, as the account of the pro- ceedings of that trial was not actually published until See "Factum," pp.

Sainfroid is the spiritual director of Eulalie, and gains entire possession of her will and confidence. He seduces her in the house of her deceased uncle, while the corpse, which he has been called in to watch, is yet lying in the adjoining chamber, and he administers opium to Therese the servant in order to prevent observation or interruption on her part. This happens on two occasions. They jiow determine to leave France, and Eulalie proceeds alone to Brussels, where Sainfroid joins her six months afterwards, having escaped in disguise from his convent, carrying with him a cross ornamented with precious stones, and worth fres.

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From Brussels they journey to Rotterdam, and thence to London. Here they live together as people of fortune, Sainfroid always making excuses to postpone marrying the deluded Eulalie. Their money being nearly at an end, they separate, and Sainfroid obtains a situation as teacher in a school, but visits Eulalie as his sister once a week. He soon forms the acquaintance of an English girl, daughter of a clergyman, and marries her, always keeping Eulalie in the delusion that she is to be his wife.

Je te regarde comme un monstre. As the marriage is really consummated, the best course to adopt is to get rid of Eulalie with as little scandal as possible. The bride's father gives her 50 guineas, and, to ensure her departure from England, sends a nephew of his with her as far as Holland. Eulalie got rid of, Sainfroid lives on apparent good terms with his wife until she becomes pregnant.

This seems most distasteful to him, and although his school is prospering, he resolves to abandon it and his wife. With his own hand he sets his house on fire, and then obtains from the Bishop of London permission to beg in London and Canterbury to repair his loss. Having made his collection, he administers a slow poison to his wife, and disappears with the money. His wife expires in child-bed, her constitution being undermined by the drugs he had given her.

Translated from the French. This is a translation minus the preface, and additional pieces at end of the vol. The paper and printing are respectable. It is possibly a reprint of an earlier English publication.

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Influence of the Phallic Idea in the Religions of Antiquity. By Hodder M. Westropp and C. Staniland Wake. With an Introduction, Addi- tional Notes, and an Appendix. By Alexander Wilder, M. Large 8vo. The two papers by Mr. Westropp and Mr. Wake were read before the Anthropological Society of London, April 5, To them are added in the volume before us a Preface, an Introduction, and an Appendix themselves forming a third paper by Dr. These three essays together form a most interesting and exhaustive treatise upon their subject. The influence of the phallic idea in the Jewish and Christian religions is clearly proved, and its connection traced to the present time.

The book throughout is written in a scientific spirit, and the researches are made for the purpose of arriving at truth. Est-ce un crime de changer?

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Si l'Amour porte des ailes, N'est-ce pas pour voltiger? Worthless and tedious as this little book may now appear, it must have found favour when written, for editions were issued in the three consecutive years , , The book is divided into 12 chapters, each bearing the name of a month, for which there seems to be no raison Tetre, as the adventures have no affinity to the season in which they are told. This is a fairly written and instructive pamphlet, the narrow limits of which do not of course admit of its being exhaustive of its subject. Sellon , that upon this adoration of the procreative and sexual Sacti or power seen throughout nature, hinges the whole gist of the Hindu faith, and notwithstanding all that has been said by half-informed persons to the contrary, the puja worship does not appear to be prejudicial to the morals of the people.

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  5. They are how- ever distinguished by one peculiar rite not practised by the others, and throw into confusion all the ties of female relation- ship, natural restraints are wholly disregarded, and a community of women among the votaries inculcated. At the close of the rites, the male worshippers take each a julie from the box, and the female to whom it belongs, even were she his sister, becomes his partner for the evening in these lascivious orgies. Dancing formed an important part of the ceremonial worship of most Eastern peoples.

    Dancing girls were attached to the Egyptian temples, and to that of the Jews. David also, we are told, 6 danced before the Lord with all his might.

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    They are instructed in dancing and vocal and instrumental music, their chief employment being to chant the sacred hymns and perform nautches before the God, on the recurrence of high festivals. Nor is this very much to be wondered at as they comprise among their number, perhaps, some of the loveliest women in the world.

    A Nautch woman esteems it a peculiar privilege to become the Radha Dea on such occasions. It is an office indeed which these adepts are, on every account, better calculated to fulfil with satisfaction to the sect of Sacteyas who may require their aid, than a more innocent and unsophisticated girl.

    These are the Lingionijas whose worship is perhaps the most free of all the Pujas. A third, the Radha-ballubhis, dedicate their offerings to Radha only. The followers of these last-mentioned sects have adopted the singular practice of presenting to a naked girl the oblation intended for the Goddess, constituting her the living impersonation of Radha. But when a female is not to be obtained for this purpose, the votive offerings are made to an image of the Yoni, or emblem of the feminine Power.

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    These worshippers are called Yonijas in contradistinction to the Lingayats or adorers of the Krishna Vishnu Linga. His little volume, which is' now very scarce, is full of information and thoroughly readable.

    Table of contents

    The title page has a heading in the Sanscrit character, and a vignette of a seated Cupid holding a torch. Two or three specimens will prove that M.

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    Eh bien! Coburgi Sumtibus Meuseliorum. Although the list of plates numbers only to xx, there are in fact 21 engravings, the No. These plates are all oval, and encircled with fancy borders, the figures are thrown up on a perfectly black ground, as if taken from gems, and much resemble the plates in " Veneres et Priapi," they are well executed.