Introduction à la géométrie projective (French Edition)

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Annali di Math. In Italian. Affine Differentialgeometrie, bearbeitet von K. Springer, Berlin In German. Calugareanu, G.

Algebraic Geometry

In French. Moscou, Rec.

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Cahiers scient. VI, Paris Acta Math. Chou, C.

Introduction à la géométrie intégrale

Physica D , Fubini, E. Izumiya, T. Japan, III.

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  • University of Chicago Press, Chicago Notae 17 , In Spanish. Notae 18 , Polytechnique Klostermann, Paris M. Hachette , When an appeal was made to scientists to assist in producing materials for national defense, he supervised foundry operations and wrote handbooks on steelmaking and cannon manufacture.

    Lane : Fubini and Čech

    Monge was an administrator and an esteemed teacher of descriptive, analytic , and differential geometry. Since no texts were available, his lectures were edited and published for student use. Engineering design was revolutionized by his new procedures. Moreover, mathematics education was significantly advanced by his successful texts and popular lectures.

    Mathematician:Jean-Victor Poncelet

    Monge was also interested in mechanics and the theory of machines and made contributions to physics and chemistry. From to he accompanied Napoleon to Egypt, and in Cairo he helped to establish the Institute of Egypt, a cultural organization patterned after the National Institute of France. With the fall from power of Napoleon in , the Bourbons deprived Monge, a Bonapartist, of all his honours and excluded him in from the list of members of the reconstituted Institute. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

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    Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. To that end he devised a syllabus that promoted his own descriptive geometry, which was useful in the design of forts, gun emplacements, and machines and which was…. The results of their deliberations were submitted to the convention in September of the same year and were immediately accepted, it being promulgated that the new calendar….