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Scotland Yard detectives investigate a gang of bank robbers who steal common sedans and convert them into race cars, thus allowing themselves to elude pursuing police cars. A blind man who is a "nose witness" to a murder, is asked to select the killer from a line-up based on his acute sense of smell.

Scotland Yard detectives investigate the suspicious death of a rocket scientist and discover the man was being blackmailed by his secretary, who intern was threatened by foreign agents. When Scotland Yard detectives investigate the murder of a man in the London airport, the trail leads to Lisbon and a international currency smuggling gang.

Scotland Yard detectives pursue the murderers of a Hungarian girl found dead on an amusement park ride. Their inquiries lead them to a rooming house full of shoplifters. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Binge-worthy Streaming TV Series. Scotland Yard. Talking Pictures Noir. Crime films on 'Talking Pictures' channel.

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Photos Add Image. Learn more More Like This. Scotland Yard TV Series Each episode is based on a true crime case with the names changed.

Haunted SF: Ghosts, Murder and Mystery

The Last Train Crime Short. Scotland Yard investigates a murder committed in the London Underground. The Unseeing Eye Short Crime Drama. Crime of Honour Scotland Yard detectives investigate the death of a prosperous wine merchant. The Dover Road Mystery The Dark Stairway The Strange Case of Blondie Short Crime. Scotland Yard investigates a murder where the prime suspect is a female cat burglar.

The White Cliffs Mystery Destination Death The Case of 'The Smiling Widow' As the story goes, a friend was staying in his upper-floor guest room and reported the apparition of a woman standing in an adjacent bathroom, near the bathtub. His friend sensed she was there due to alcohol and a drowning. The woman recalled, as a child, going upstairs and overhearing a conversation between her aunt and grandmother.

They were pointing to the upper-floor bathtub. Too afraid to ask for details, she stayed away from that bathroom as long as she lived inside the home. But for believers, there is no shortage of ghosts to be summoned in year-old New York. Despite the fact many suspected hauntings get debunked by the society, Stroming has to admit New York is an interesting city to do this work. In one instance, the team worked with a Murray Hill couple who awoke in the middle of the night to see the apparition of a little girl standing in their room.

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As rumor has it, the matron, who ran a very strict household, had an affair that resulted in an illegitimate son. To keep it secret, she kept her son in the basement, in chains, until he was At that age, the son supposedly escaped and killed her, trying to hide in the woods behind Snug Harbor. If your skin is crawling, know that New Yorkers are surrounded by gruesome tales of death, crime and murder. Philip Schoenberg — who goes by Dr.

Phil — hosts haunted walks through his tour company Ghosts of New York. Fourth St. Most ghost stories, however, do not dissuade buyers in this red-hot real estate market — and there are several opportunities to buy into a so-called haunted building. Residents have reported baffling incidents, finding that pets sometimes refuse to walk up the stairs of the building.

You could even buy your own haunted house: Clinton Ave. And then there are homes with such horrific stories or gruesome pasts that people actually do avoid living in them. Each state has different disclosure laws when it comes to stigmatized properties. For some, stigmatized properties offer an opportunity to buy at a discount. The abandoned home gained notoriety online after Google Maps captured a photo with mysterious handprints in the window. Turns out they were caused by kids who broke into the house and left the handprints with paint.

In Hinsdale, NY, Dan Klaes snatched up a haunted property that fell into foreclosure and was slated to be torn down.

A mysterious tablecloth?

Known as the Hinsdale House, countless residents moved out after paranormal experiences and failed exorcisms. Klaes is renovating it to host paranormal research teams, who have already documented strange noises as well as recorded the appearance of a little girl and a boy around 16 years old. Read Next.