Eat Conscious and Be Merry! A Guide to True Gluten Free Healthy Recipes

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Thank you so much, hope you can reply ASAP. Very cool that you are doing a school project on Body Image. I did a photography thesis in college about that very topic. I wish that I could help, but we do not own that book, so sorry! Good luck on your project though! Wow thank you for simplifying it for me, in each of the food group aspects, as i was especially unsure about dairy.

What would be your opinion on nut butters? But thank you for such a clear article that makes it easy for me to know what to steer clear of. You are very welcome! We really try to make our content user friendly, so thank you for your feedback! As for nut butters: You should steer clear of peanuts altogether — they are actually a legume bean and should not be eaten at all on the Paleo diet. I know, Angel was sad about that one too! As for other nut butters, like almond, you can eat these freely.

I like to eat almond butter on apples, or use it in baking to keep cake moist. Again, thank you for your comments, we really appreciate it! You can use coconut or almond milk for creamer and honey for a sweetener if you really need it. I would recommend moderation if your coffee has caffeine in it, as too much caffeine has been said to be negative, but in small amounts, we say OK to coffee. I just want to say that this is wonderful site and I am glad that I found it! I first started Paleo while doing Crossfit. We had a 30 day nutrition challenge and the kickoff was a seminar on how our bodies process foods and sugars and why Paleo is a healthy liefstyle.

I am getting back on the wagon and just doing it for myself now. I think Paleo is a great advocate for trying new things. Things you would not have tried before because you thought it would taste bad.

Take Almond Butter for example. Throw some cinnamon in there and spread it on an apple…YUM!

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I do have a couple of foods that I have tried but not so sure they would be in an approved Paleo diet so maybe you can help…. Almond Dream Ice Cream 2. Would you say Decaf coffee is better than Reg? Lara Bars. I eat them for breakfast sometimes when I do not have time to cook. They are made mostly with dates.. Any advice is appreciated and again, great site.

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I was always the motivater when we did the challenge however I need to be motivated as well from time to time and reading this today really pumped me up for wanting to get back to Paleo :. Thank you for the kind comments about the site. We started this as a way for me to remember the recipes that we enjoyed as we transitioned to Paleo, and have kept it going because of great feedback like yours!

So glad to hear that you are doing it for you now, so excited for you! This is an argued point from both angles. If you drink a lot of it, then try to sub in decaf for the bulk of it, as it is a fact that too much caffeine is definitely a negative. If you are trying to lose weight, then you may want to reconsider.

Keep us posted on your progress and you know where to find us if you have any additional questions! I am just so unsure to do Paleo or not.

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I get severe migraines and I have IBS. With all the promises out there that this or that diet is the best to do is very confusing. Thank you for your comments, we sure do try to be as helpful as we can be for the community. What I can tell you is this —. Angel has always had migraines. After 1 month of being Paleo, he was off the meds, sleeping through the nights, not having blinding attacks at all. He has not had one since.

It has been 2 years. It has drastically changed the way we function, as we do not need to account for, or work around, his migraines and it has been great. No primal here, you need to go all Paleo. You can find out some additional information from this blog that can help identify where you may be experiencing issues.

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I am not sure whether you got my previous post — it seems not… I think you are doing and amazing job! Thank you so much for this! My question is on whether Paleo is good for pregnant women, e. I am in early pregnancy and not sure how to eat… I have been eating paleo although with some binge gaps since September.

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Thanks, Diana. I am sorry if the reply did not make it to you, I did respond to it, so maybe it was a tech issue. Anyway, As for the pregnancy part, you are in luck — there have been many success stories! What a great blog! We are considering going Paleo for health and weight loss.

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My girlfriend has Rheumatoid Arthritis, so the healthier and thinner! I think its fantastic that you and your girlfriend are thinking of going Paleo. It is amazing what food and diet can do for health that drugs cannot.

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My recommendation? The first 15 will be for cleansing and the last 15 will be for repairing. And it will even get better after that. I was just wondering is Flaxseeds fine on paleo? I need to lose weight and was just wondering if it would help or hinder weight loss. Flaxseed is an ingredient we use in some of our baked goods. I was recommended to try this because I suffer from frequent migraines and have my whole life.

I eat organic, I cook nothing in my kitchen comes in a box, and I grew up on vension not beef so I eat rather well compared to many people. This way of life sounds ideal, and like it could help me alot but I have a few concerns. I have an over active metoblism and I have to keep my calorie intake up or else I loose massive amounts of weight and I get very sick very quickly. How do I make sure I keep my calorie count up without loosing the roof over my head?

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I bake my own bread from organic oat flour, honey vs sugar, and organic yeats and the like. This is my only concern, otherwise this sounds amazing! Angel suffered from migraines as well, several times a week. Sometimes, he would get them daily. He has been completely migraine-free for over 2 years. It has changed our lives.

As for the calorie issue… you should be eating a balance of meat and plants, but most of your fat calories should come from animals. Yes, you heard me, grass-fed, full-fat butter. If you drink coffee, put a slab of butter or coconut oil in it — it will help you to absorb the coffee AND it will add calories to your diet.

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Eat meat with fat in it — not lean, as on the Paleo diet, it is unnecessary. Eat eggs for breakfast, avocados, nuts, jerky, etc. Coconut oil, coconut butter and coconut milk is a great way to increase calories as well when cooking. As for not breaking the bank, order these items online if you can. Nutiva has daily deals on their Facebook that combines several Paleo approved products in reduced-price bundles too. This post offers clear idea designed for the new people of blogging, that really how to do running a blog.

Interesting inconsistency. Brittany, You can eat meat raw with no issues. The longer it goes, the easier it harbors bacteria. We eat raw meat regularly with no issues, but we know where it comes from and when it was processed. You cannot eat raw beans without getting sick… Not in the quantities that you would eat for normal consumption. When you have these issues, this is where celiac disease and auto-immune problems are present.