Dark Intent

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She had never been able to find the exact words to explain why. But then again, she had never searched too hard for them.

Dark Intent, A. B. Endacott

The invocations today were mundane: for peace; for the Kade gods to evermore favour those who worshipped them; that Oranis and the Third Country would continue to enjoy prosperity. Her mind wandered into the familiar dark, cavernous space she had come to in prayer from her earliest memory. Yet this space where her sense of self was contained, where only her awareness of herself existed, while once comforting, was now somewhere she went only with reluctance. The act of praying that once had given her reprieve from her worries, and a sense of peace, now was a duty she undertook with a sense of dull intrusion.

She remained in the space of nothingness, of dark existence within her mind, and the words of prayer to the Kade gods filtered through her awareness.


She was dimly aware of the Ordained as they moved through the rows of people in the square. The drone of their voices permeated everything as they spoke the prayers to their gods over and over. It almost felt as though they were trying to press the words into the ears of every person who stood there with that docile obedience procured by the law and the promise of violent reprisal if they did not obey.

As the effects of the arax root began to wane, the Ordained ascended the raised section at the front of the square and raised their arms. They have blessed us with a new day! The crowd stirred, as though finally awakening.

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Freya looked to her left, at Symon. He was looking at his feet, his face impassive but for a small frown. She wondered, as she often did, what he was thinking.

Dark Intent - Guild Summary

The crowd waited obediently until the arms of the Ordained fell — the signal of dismissal — before filing out of the square. Freya and Symon walked back to their house, their feet falling into synchronised steps. He reflexively glanced around before answering. She glanced back at him, surprised by the boldness of his remark. Symon dragged his feet, his footfalls tumbling out of step with hers.

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The streets were paved with completely flat slabs of white stone that left no unevenness, save the gutters along their edges. She considered his question as they moved through the lightening streets.

The glow of the rising sun seemed to breathe life into the city; Oranis was suddenly a symphony of tender pink, gold, and soft cream. She was as surprised by the suddenness of his questions as she was that he was sharing his thoughts with her. Symon was a self-contained, cautious man. She liked her house. Especially if she was still inside it. Nervous now at his lack of care, Freya walked faster, practically running to their front door. She was profoundly glad to remove this particular conversation from the street where anybody could be listening. I work in the Main Healing Centre.

I have to know the properties of every herb in the Third Country. I would know if arax root could affect people like that. The motion of his shoulders was a half shrug that could have meant anything.