Civil Juries and Civil Justice: Psychological and Legal Perspectives

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In Jury Decision Making, the author examines more than 50 years of research on juries and offers a "big picture" overview of the field. Gomez Call Number: KF G66 Law Main Stacks.

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The author examines key aspects of the psychology of jurors, attorneys, judges, and witnesses and analyzes how each person influences the way a case is presented to and received by jurors. The author takes real-life stories from the road and ties them to theory and research from disciplines such as psychology, advertising, marketing, politics, homeland security, and sociology.

The goal is to understand human nature as it applies across multiple contexts so you can learn a practical lesson as it applies to the courtroom.

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Lundquist Call Number: KF L58 Law Main Stacks. The book includes the most useful articles from Litigation journal, taking you through the steps of a jury trial. Practical Jury Dynamics by J.

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  4. Sunwolf Call Number: KF S85 Practical Jury Dynamics reveals the colorful, real-world dynamics of people who are unexpectedly called to jury duty. B73 The Science of Persuasion provides a thorough guide to the way jurors make decisions, and how you can use that knowledge to convince them that your story of a case is the correct version.

    This book was written for law students, experienced litigators, and everyone in between who needs to understand the most effective ways to convince a jury, and includes extensive sample voir dire questions, opening and closing statements, and fact patterns. Storytelling for Lawyers by Philip N.

    - Civil Juries And Civil Justice Psychological And Legal Perspectives 1st Edition

    Meyer Call Number: K M49 Law Main Stacks. This book offers a basic yet comprehensive explanation of the central role of narrative in litigation. It also offers a narrative tool kit that supplements the analytical skills traditionally emphasized in law school as well as practical tips for practicing attorneys that will help them craft their own legal stories.

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    The Political Puzzle of the Civil Jury |

    This book offers practical techniques through each phrase of trial that will help attorneys connect with the jury, direct and hold a jury's attention, and promote understanding and memory. Subject Guide. Tom Keefe. Simultaneously they fuel public perceptions of spurious claims and outlandish awards, while fostering professional perceptions of an unwieldy legal system.

    The Political Puzzle of the Civil Jury |

    The contributors to Civil Juries and Civil Justice bring order, as well as a much-needed reality check, to the situation. This insightful, multidisciplinary volume provides in-depth case data, empirical findings, and original research, synthesizing a range of seemingly irreconcilable legal and psychological viewpoints.

    Leading scholars consider the roots of juryphobia, the growth trajectories of damage awards, alternative means of obtaining civil justice, and the role of the social sciences in formulating legal policy while addressing these key questions of the tort reform controversy:What can be learned by studying jury decision-making? What is the relationship between compensatory and punitive damages? Are judges more capable than juries in awarding damages?

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    Where do non-litigation methods such as apologies and mediation fit in? Can physicians help improve the malpractice system?

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