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My parents, mostly my mom, called me Ang a lot. I didn't really feel comfortable with other people calling me that. Friends I had sometimes called me Angel, but it didn't catch on. When I was in 5th grade a close friend of mine started me Angie, and I loved it. I was young and I though it sounded cute.

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When entering sixth grade middle school I told everyone to call me Angie, and it stuck. I've gotten to the point where when people call me Angela it sounds a bit unnatural. My aunt is named Angela, and her nickname will always be Ange. She's beautiful, but a bit of a loud-mouth. My name is Angela, I am a pretty nice person, I care for people and I follow the word of God I also tried to purify people by burning London.

Angela Hayes, character in "American Beauty". Angela Martin, character on the American television show "The Office".

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Angela Montenegro, character on the hit US television show "Bones". Angela Petrelli, character on the show "Heroes".

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Angela Pleasant, character on the Sims games. Search for a Name.

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    You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. To learn more see our Cookies Policy. Image: Shutterstock. There were four first-time entries to the top for boys: Henry, Hugo, Ollie and Luca. Only seven areas favoured names outside of the top five for boys. Source: Shutterstock For girls, there was a wider range of names outside the top five that were county and city favourites. Parents from other countries Where both parents were stated as being Irish nationals, Jack was the top ranked name for boys.

    Source: CSO For girls, Mary was the name of choice for 3, parents for their newborn daughters in Source: Shutterstock As in , the data for shows that girls were given a wider variety of names than boys. Short URL. About the author:. About the author. Contribute to this story: Send a Correction. Read next:. Your Email. Recipient's Email. Your Feedback. Your Email optional. Report a Comment. Please select the reason for reporting this comment. Please select your reason for reporting Please give full details of the problem with the comment Read Next:. Trending Opinions.

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