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That is the problem with the silence of scriptures approach.

Proclaiming the Gospel

In all my years and travel, I have never met a church who is completely consistent with it. The Church is commanded to assemble, whether in private homes or in a communal building that a congregation has purchased is incidental to the carrying out of the command. The early church also met in catacombs, should we then all be meeting in catacombs also? Or should we use a little common sense?

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The early church also only sang in their musical part of the worship. Mechanical instruments were never used.

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Jason, I may be wrong, but think you missed the point I was trying to make. The NT gives two specific purposes for use of money given. One, to help the poor, and two, to financially support those teaching the gospel. Therefore, we are told what money was used for. There is no command or example of money being used for anything else. If you are going to use the same principle that you use to state instruments are not authorized, then you have to also say that using money given by the members to purchase a church building is unauthorized.

There is no authority or example to do such thing. Money was only given specifically to individuals live while they taught the gospel and to help the poor. If we were really silent on all issues, we would not go to the doctor when sick.

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After Jesus died there are only 2 references of what to do when sick. One, Timothy was told to take wine for stomach. And two, James said call the elders and gave them pray. There is no mention of going to the doctor, but there is a command what to do. A little common sense is needed. The Bible does not deal with every issue of life, and it does not give us all the answers that we might desire to the questions of life. But God created us as intelligent creatures, He gives us principles and rules to guide us.

Basic Christian Doctrine

We no longer belong to the child estate, God expect us to make decisions and act in a mature fashion. We are to be good stewards our all that we have, and we are expected to treat others we we would like to be treated. This would include taking care of our bodies and taking care of others. As I said, one needs to apply a little common sense. Common sense would indicate that if instruments were ok in the Old Testament and not directly forbidden in the New Testament, then they are still ok.

I respect that your common sense has led you to a different conclusion. Looking to the New Testament as a rule book to replace the Old Testament is what leads to these arguments. Jesus fulfilled the law and paid the price for ours sins. The new rule is to have faith in Jesus as our Savior.

Whatever mistakes we make, or errors in understanding, have been atoned for by his blood. If we have to understand and obey perfectly to get to Heaven, none of us will be there. We have freedom from sin, but not a license to willfully sin. God created us all and gave us our personalities and intellect. If the Bible were so clear on these points, there would be no debates.

It turns out that they, in general, were very scholarly and just see things differently. In this day and time we might be better off reaching out to non-Christians, than spending time arguing about who has the most correct worship service. To say that the heart honestly offering its best to God can only do it with a voice gives God no credit whatsoever and limits the heart He created….

Give your best to God has always been the sacrifice He required. Incorrect, God has not always asked that our best is good enough. He has always ask that our obedience is to His will is what He desires.

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We can give our best every day, it will never be good enough, that is exactly why Jesus died for us. Original Bible manuscripts did not have chapters and verses. Using the logic presented in this article, it is therefore not right to use chapters and verses. The Bible never mentions chapters and verses, it is silent on their use. I have heard people say that ter Psalm changed its meaning over time, but I have found no evidence for this claim.

Also, if it did change, then what did Paul believe a Psalm was, as he obviously found it to be a specific type of song. This is basically the hermetic of the silence of the scripture. The problem is, if we take this to the extreme, we find problems. One, Paul told Timothy to drink some wine for his stomach, and 2, James said to call the elders and let them pray for the sick person and anoint with oil. Notice, the command is to call the elders and have them pray. That is the only command of what we have to do when we get sick. These are good questions. I believe I will always be affiliated with the Church of Christ denomination because I admire their goal of simple, New Testament Christianity.

However, no group is perfect and what I would like to know is when Biblical silence is prohibitive and when is it permissive?

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When is a first-century practice binding and when is it not? The Bible is silent on the practice of hiring and paying full-time ministers and yet we continue to do so. A psalm can be spoken, sung, or accompanied by an instrument. In Eph. Churches have always been divided on issues…hence the different denominations. Say someone is searching the internet to find out more about Christ and those who follow Him. Is that person who is seeking to find out more about Christ finding out more about Christ and HIS LOVE or are they seeing division and bickering that no one would want to step into the middle of?

He died not only for my sins but for yours too! He loves YOU more than you can comprehend and is longing for you to turn to Him, accept His grace and His love and live your life by His side! Just say the words, and YOU will be His!

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If you have more questions, just ask me! This is a well written article explaining why the CofC does not use instruments. I have been a member of the CofC my whole life. However, I disagree wholeheartedly with this article.