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This one is important for all types of writing, whether it be academic or fictional - even this blog post needs variation! When we use only one type of sentence, our writing suffers. This could mean a lot of things in practice. You could take a given section - or paragraph - and count words. However, this would be very time consuming. Perhaps you can highlight sentence lengths in different colours to make sure you have variety; if your text ends up looking like a single paint can tipped over on it rather than the rainbow then perhaps you need to adjust.

Overall, what you need is to keep the reader engaged. Make it easier for them to keep up! You may find your hefty paragraphs of long sentences are leaving them behind. Do yourself and them a favour: look up the guidelines, requirements, or mark scheme associated with that piece of writing and make sure you are exceptionally clear where you are hitting those criteria. This is Idea Two, etc.

Sure, you might be spotting grammar mistakes AND inconsistent capitalisation AND formatting problems, but if you try to do everything at once, you may well miss important things. This is why Tip 9 is so essential. Some suggestions for each round or redraft might be:.

In the meantime, you might be able to think of more yourself, or ask someone else to suggest some areas you need to focus on. This leads me nicely into our final point. I know nothing about conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, but that fact meant that I was less focused on whether the ideas were correct, but rather on whether the sentences or punctuation made sense. Hi I have pre written ideas for a book who would I contact in Australia as in a draft copy concept.

Without sharing too much. I would be very interested in speaking with you and share what I am working on. I am truly sorry for your loss. I am literally in tears right now. I could not imagine losing my daughter. I could not imagine my mother losing me and my daughter to the hand of anyone let alone my husband.

This is just terrible I will never understand even in a situation where someone was leaving me how you could do this to your own children, to your other half. It will never make sense to me and I do wish the best to you, and the most unimaginable fatality to the son in low. May he never rest in peace. My name is Ashlee , I always wanted to write all my life. I seen you said to start a blog first. How do you go by doing that?

What I need to know is? How many chapters to write a successful book, also I probably got the money to start off. I got the brains to make a book happen what I need is the tools.

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Great blog, Mack. Some excellent advice on getting published. What are your thoughts on self-publishing with eBooks as a way to get on publishers radar? I really like your advises, you gave me the courage to start to write my book, it is going to be about knowing my father when I was 68 years old and it was that my brother found me after so years of looking for me. I want to write a book about drugs and families that are affected by it and I need help all I have is their stories and mine and I want to put it together but I need help.

Thank you for this article.

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Earning a 4 year scholarship to a major univ. Getting married to my high school sweetheart and father of our son years later. Feel free to email me 1ragirlsmith gmail. I am currently thinking of my how to go about my book. Can u help me out? Too lazy to read the whole thing? Goodreads — This is a social network dedicated to reading. Use it to find books and see reviews, and check out what your friends are reading. You can find quite a few great books on here you might have never thought about before.

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something?

Your Local Library — Yup, libraries are filled with great resources, all for free. And, most libraries now also feature online books and audio resources in addition to all the traditional stuff.

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Writing is no different. A great way to do this is by committing to a certain number of words every day. The fastest way to do this is to start a blog. There are a lot of different courses online for people who want to become writers. My favorite is CopyHour. They would rather be nice and polite than tell you what you really need to hear. Writing Forums — These forums tend to focus on fiction writing, but can be a great place to get feedback on the style of your writing, and to get ideas as well. Legend Fire — This is a forum specifically for writing critiques.

Again it generally focuses on creative writing but is an excellent starting point. Sometimes just for 5 minutes a day, some for an hour. No prompts, just empty pages for you to write out your thoughts. If the idea of writing in a journal every day is intimidating, start with this. It helps you focus on your daily and weekly tasks.

By writing in it daily, you start to build that habit, which you can, in turn, translate into more freeform journal writing. Self Journal — Very similar to the Productivity Planner above, but taking a focus on gratitude and tracking small actions every day. I have JD to thank for that.

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Just write. So what is your motivation? Or is it more than that? Want to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer? Keep Reading. Comments Great post Sean! I second this motion! What exactly are you looking at on AppSumo? Is there a specific product they are promoting? Thanks in advance.

Nice stuff Sean!!